These are just some of the styles we carry! Our Latest shoes: Capezio Developpe, Donatella, Hanami, Bloch Performa
Bloch: Aspiration, Heritage, European Balance.
Bloch Sonata, Serenade Strong
Capezio Aria, Developpe, Donatella, Tiffany
Russian Pointe: Encore, Rubin, Brava, and Muse
Leather & Canvas Ballet Slippers
Hip-Hop Sneaker
Tie and Slip on Jazz Shoes
Character Shoes
Bloch Annie

Many styles of tap shoes: Tyettes; Lace up; Merry Janes & Heeled split & full soled
Bloch Jason Samuel Smith
mary jane
Capezio: Mary Jane and Bloch Annie
Capezio Foot Undeez
Many Pointed Toe Pads
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